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We use cookies. These are small text files. Your computer receives our cookies when you visit KOPPEN.com. Below you will find a complete overview of all cookies that we use.

Why cookies?
Thanks to cookies you do not always have to enter the same information or download it when you come back to us. Through cookies, we also see how you use our sites and what we can improve. Furthermore, we use cookies for marketing purposes. Most websites - including ours - do not work properly if you disable cookies.

What are those cookies?
They are small text files that your computer keeps for a certain period of time when you visit our website. The 'duration' of this time varies per cookie. There are two types of cookies: functional and marketing cookies.

Functional cookies
With these cookies we increase your shopping convenience at KOPPEN.com. So you do not have to enter the same information each time and we prevent you from seeing the same information every time you visit our store. Example: remembering your shopping cart.

Marketing / tracking cookies
Thanks to these cookies, we can see how visitors experience the website. We always take your privacy into account.

Delete cookies
You can only delete cookies yourself or not accept them through the settings of your browser. This is pretty easy. Go to the toolbar (usually top right) and then to Help. Search for the subject 'cookies' and you will see how you can adjust the cookie settings on your browser.

Koppen.com uses re-targeting technologies. This means that it is possible that people who have already shown interest in Koppen.com can find advertising messages on partner websites. This is done on the basis of cookie technology and an analysis of earlier usage behavior. This form of advertising is completely anonymous. No privacy-related data is stored and no user profiles are linked to your privacy-related data.

Information about Google cookies can be found on Google's advertising settings. Koppen.com also uses DoubleClick remarketing pixels. You can opt out of the DoubleClick unsubscribe page.

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